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Database Design

Design your Data Base
in your web

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database design


Database Designer for newbie web developer and student

Support Multi database

It make reduce errors and save your time. Don't worry about remember sql, just use one click to export button.

Collaborate & Share

Share your design with magic Link to your friend like google docs sharing.

Designing & Modeling

Make your model design as your database documentation for easy to explain to another people about your database.

Wide Networking

It is online based, and it can access from aroud the earth


Your data is secure by Allah SWT by default and we always work for protect your data

Wide Community Support

You can join in github issue for get help from community and project maintainer

database design

Magic SQL Export

This is Support any SQL database like

Maria DB
Postgree SQL (soon)
Oracle (soon)
SQL Server (soon)
SQL Lite (soon)
database design

Share design with magic link

Share your design use link like

Try this link with Left Click 👆👆👆 and you will got a magic show 😎

database design

Magic Image Export

Export your design to image and crop only needed area.
And you will direct to downloading this Cropped Image

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